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I would like to share about my bad experience with KTPH. Here is what happened. On 19th Jan, I had to go for a nose surgery to open up my airways. 1 week before the surgery, I went for a pre-surgery evaluation check-up with the anesthetist. During this time I highlighted clearly that I had an acid reflux problem when I don't eat my meals on time, I usually end up vomiting due to gastric and heartburn. Since I'm required to fast for 12 hours before my surgery, it was important that I highlighted this so that necessary precautions could be taken by the anesthetic team during my surgery. The doctor who evaluated my case took down all the necessary details in my case file. On the day of the surgery, I fasted for 12 hours and went to the hospital. They brought me to the operation room and prepared to put me to sleep using general anesthesia. At about 9am I was put to sleep. I woke up at about 1pm in the intensive care unit with all kinds of wires attached to me and tubes in my mouth. A doctor told me that my surgery was cancelled because while they were inserting a ventilator tube into my throat after they put me to sleep in the operation room, I vomited due to my acid reflux condition and my lungs got filled up with vomit.

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