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Singaporean academics are minorities in our local Universities

Asking the ministry of education for exact figures, he found that Singaporean faculty members were in a minority in some departments in the National University of Singapore, or NUS, and Nanyang Technological University, or NTU – the two main public universities. The ministry said 28% of 25 faculty members of NUS’s political science department were Singaporean. At the university’s Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, 46% of the 82 faculty members were local citizens.

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Singapore’s Over-reliance on Foreigners

This blatant preference for foreign academics is even more frustrating when aspiring young academics are refused jobs at local universities and forced to pursue their academic research overseas. But this is hardly surprising since the faculty heads themselves are dominated by foreigners, who by nature are inclined to bring in their entire village of B-grade talents. This lust for foreigners not only denies opportunities to capable Singaporeans, it also dwindles our already minuscule Singaporean core within the local education system.

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