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GE2020: Should S’pore Continue To Trust A PAP Team Without Foresight?

In his speech yesterday, PM Lee took credit for keeping the number of fatalities in Singapore low. That the number of fatalities is low reflects on the diligence of our nurses, doctors and other essential workers in our healthcare sector. How can our leaders take credit for keeping the fatalities here low, but not take responsibility for the number of infected persons in Singapore which is nearing the 40,000 new cases mark?

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Covid19: Survey Shows Singaporeans Not Impressed With 4G Leadership Handling of Covid19

An international study conducted by Toluna and Blackbox Research found that many Singaporeans confidence in our political leaders are wavering and they are not impressed by the way they have handled the Covid19 pandemic. Only 41% of Singaporeans rated their leaders highly, which means that 59% of those polled rated them less than favourably. The survey also found that about 34% of the respondents were surprised at how poorly prepared Singapore was. This means that 66% of those polled were not surprised by the incompetence of the government.

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SDP Says Josephine Teo’s Refusal To Substantiate POFMA Allegation Shows Poor Leadership Qualities

SDP said they found the MOM's reply disturbing, as SDP had submitted a detailed account which includes analyzing MOM’s own statistics, as the reasons for the statements in SDP's posts. They also countered that Minister Teo, who had the backing of her entire Ministry and their officials, and two full days with which to substantiate their Correction Directions, had failed to do so, and this was indicative of the lack of leadership qualities in the PAP's 4G Leadership.

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