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Covid19: Why Is The National Day Parade Still Allowed To Go On In The Midst Of a Pandemic?

Many people have been affected by Covid19. The economy is in recession, businesses are shutting, people have lost their jobs, some have taken pay cuts, and many others are apprehensive over their employment and economic stability. Yet, the government somehow thinks that it is still appropriate to go ahead with the National Day Parade this year. The NDP costs alot of money. Why isn't this money used to help the unemployed, or to supplement the income of front-line workers such as nurses and cleaners?

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2020: The Year of a Pandemic And Terrible Weather

Instead of the traditionally pleasant but warm weather of may, we're given either buckets of rain, hot enough to dry grass and cloudiness at a degree in which you wonder why it's not raining buckets. At the very least the cloudiness gives us some relief with it's relatively fast speeds cooling us off like a free air conditioner. But more often than not, it's either being drenched or roasted alive.

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Prices of Groceries at NTUC Fairprice Not So Fair Lately

Not sure if anyone notice. NTUC groceries price seems to have gone up by about 20%. Many fresh produce usually one offer or 1 for 1 seems to have disappear. All these happened right after the new announcement that we have to be prepared that food supplies disruption. If you notice or this is worth a thought. Please share and start buying from different source. Support local small businesses too!

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