PAP Adopt SDP's Proposal, Even Though They Always Slam SDP During Election Years

PAP copies SDP proposal

But this proposal is not new. In fact, Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) had put forth this thinking that streaming puts unfair labeling on school children since 1994. In their manifesto Dare To Change: An Alternative Vision for Singapore, Chee Soon Juan already wrote that a major problem of streaming is something called labeling. SDP have been actively championing the cause for removing of streaming. Now, 25 years later, PAP have finally followed the SDP's lead, and announced the removing of streaming, although it won't happen till another five years.

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Dead Rat Found In House Brand Basmati Rice In Sheng Shiong

Dead rat found in House Brand Basmati Rice

A dead rat was found in a pack of basmati rice that was bought by a resident in Bedok Reservoir Road. In a post that has since gone viral, the netizen claimed that the House Brand basmati rice was bought at a Sheng Siong branch located at Blk 739 Bedok Reservoir Road on Friday, and to his horror, a dead rat was found inside the rice when his daughter opened the packet at home.

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Mahathir Says Rich SG Bullying Malaysia In Water Issue, Vivian Says Comments Red Herring

Mahathis says Rich Singapore bullying poor Malaysia

Mahathir says rich Singapore bullying poor Malaysia over the water deal. Vivian Balakrishnan blasted back Mahathir's statements were just red herring,done to arouse Malaysians and to increase his popularity amongst them.

But no news on why the government keeps bullying Singaporeans on their CPF money, as this one is no red herring.

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How many "billions" has HDB made from housing sales?

It states that “I was shocked to learn that the resale levy payable would amount to about $193,000, comprising $91,350 (22.5 per cent of the resale price of my first flat sale in December 1997) and accrued interest (5 per cent a year from December 1977 to March 2013).”

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