The PTC should stand with commuters on fare issue

Nur Azlinawaty Abdul Rahman wrote: “Dear Mr Lui, major improvements in service on every level, ranging from the timeliness to condition of the public transport, are needed and should be above par (and not on par) before any price increase is warranted.” Jeremy Speaks said: “Breakdowns are still happening, and are we going to take that as a norm from now on? Please, don’t reward a private transport company which keeps earning good profits yet performs poorly in both capacity and frequency.”

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The City Harvest Trial - and my thoughts on it thus far

So the church is NOT worse off. But the case has undoubtedly taken a toll on the church – with a drop in attendance correspondingly leading to a decrease in income. Which translates to a belt-tightening that affects its employees, its congregation (in terms of the services that it would provide) and its beneficiaries (the thousands of non-church members, the poor, the elderly, the destitute that the church cares for and provides for).

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Why Singapore's Economy Is Heading For An Iceland-Style Meltdown

Singapore’s unemployment rate is a mere 1.8 percent even as the country’s red hot construction sector has been attracting overseas workers, and a growing number of wealthy citizens are hiring domestic helpers from neighboring countries like the Philippines and Indonesia. The ranks of Singapore’s wealthy are growing rapidly thanks to the country’s asset bubbles, which is helping to fuel a luxury consumption boom in everything from high-end apartments to exotic supercars.

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Top Districts’ Executive Condominiums: Who are the ones?

The top performing EC, Bishan Loft, is a 99-years leasehold Executive Condominium development located at 31 – 35 Bishan Street 11. The reason for its appeal lies in its walking distance to Bishan MRT Station, which appeals to potential buyers as Bishan MRT station offers accessibility to the CBD via the North-South and Circle lines.

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NEA instructed to remove "archaic" rule from hawker stall licence

The National Environment Agency (NEA) has been instructed to remove an "archaic" rule from hawker stall licence requirements. The rule, listed under the Conditions of Licence for hawkers, stipulates that cooked-food stalls are not allowed to sell "restaurant type of dishes" unless authorised to do so in writing by the Director-General of Public Health.

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Hawker cannot sell a "restaurant" type dish?

Check out the terms and conditions of a hawker stall license under point 3 - a hawker cannot sell a "restaurant" type dish? What kind of stupid onerous ruling is this? How do you define a restaurant type dish? So if restaurants sell crab meat fried rice a hawker must seek approval to do the same? Does this mean an enterprising young F&B hawker aspirant can't set up a taco stand because a Mexican restaurant sells tacos, unless he gets the go-ahead?

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