Do you still watch TV & Mediacorp Productions?

Before the days of the remote control, my grandpa used to send me scuttling to the television and back to manually change the channels and adjust the volume. We’d sit, three generations all told, and watch Gao Xiao Xing Dong (‘Comedy Night’) – the Chinese variety TV show with Jack Neo playing Liang Po Po, the little old woman version of Mr. Bean.

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Cleaners' Progressive (Minimum) Wage Model

The Government announced in the Committee of Supply debate 2013 that all cleaning companies (presumably, it means the cleaning services providers) would be licensed this year to uplift standards more widely across the industry. Key licensing requirements include mandatory training courses and adoption of the PWM for cleaners. Do we really need to license cleaning services providers to uplift cleaning standards? Does the Government intend to mandate minimum cleaning standards and suspend or revoke licences if such standards are not achieved or maintained.

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The alternative news in 1 day? (part 24) – Polytechnic graduates’ pay dropped 5%?

Leong is the Past President of the Society of Financial Service Professionals, an alumnus of Harvard University, has authored 4 books, quoted over 1500 times in the media , has been host of a money radio show, a daily newspaper column, Wharton Fellow, SEACeM Fellow, columnist for Malaysiakini, executive producer of the movie Ilo Ilo (26 international awards). He has served as Honorary Consul of Jamaica and founding advisor to the Financial Planning Associations of Brunei and Indonesia. He has 3 Masters, 2 Bachelors and 13 professional qualifications. He blogs at

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I personally know someone, whose name I won’t be revealing due to ethical purposes, who has a “passion for teaching”. However, I doubted that “passion”, as her personality and demeanour is not fitting of a teacher. Slowly, I discovered that she’s not actually interested in teaching, but interested in the lucrative salary that teachers draw! What a personality she is! The scary thing is that these “potential teachers” will be educating my children in the future! If such a catastrophe is not enough of a catalyst for you to take your kids out of Singapore to experience a truly holistic education, I don’t know what other catalyst will work!

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Are old-fashioned coffee shops slowly dying out?

IN the small neighbourhood where I have lived for 30 years, residents are abuzz over the closure of yet another coffee shop.Their disappearance mirrors a changing Singapore, where many past lifestyles are gradually being erased. The coffee shop is an old institution that makes life in one of the world’s most expensive cities more liveable. Stalls that operate there dish out – for only a few dollars – some of the most exotic Asian dishes, with diversity unmatched in many other countries.

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Indian FT JONATHAN PINTO from Accenture Singapore has destroyed the Lives of Singaporean Girls

The photographer is JONATHAN PINTO and he is a senior manager at multi-national company, Accenture, Singapore. He is IT trained and likely to be from India where he got both his degrees. After Jonathan knew that I was trying to find him, he did one of the most common thing to confirm my suspicion. First, he started to change profile pictures to some pussy (the real cat lah) and hiding parts of his Facebook. Later, he totally removed all his Facebook and Linkedin profiles. Now why would someone who have nothing to hide suddenly do all this?

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