Five things to expect from the Public Transport Council announcement

The Public Transport Council (PTC) will announce its decision on fare adjustments for public transport on Thursday. Here's what you can expect from the announcement:

1. FARES TO RISE: Observers expect public fares to rise. The decision will combine the 2012 and 2013 annual fare adjustments with the maximum allowable increase at 6.6 per cent. Minister for Transport Lui Tuck Yew has said that any fare increase should not exceed last year's average wage rise, which has not been released yet.

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Singaporean Billionaire Peter Lim promises $85m chest for Valencia

Singaporean billionaire Peter Lim has pledged to spend 50 million euros (S$85 million) on new signings for Spanish football club Valencia during the January transfer window. He was quoted in Spanish daily AS as saying: "I hope my offer is accepted. Forty million euros for signings seem too small for me. I have 50 million euros to spend this month

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Dog owners, beware! A dog was found dead, hanging from its leash, after its owner entered a lift without realising that the dog was still outside. I'm part of a lift rescue team and witnessed this tragic accident this morning (Jan 15) at about 6.30am. A dog owner was heading back to her flat at Bukit Batok Block 621 after walking her dog. She, however, entered the lift first while holding on to her dog's leash. The lift doors were closing but the dog still outside the lift at that time. It all happened very fast, and she had no time to react.

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Bincho at Hua Bee – Meepok by Day, Yakitori by Night

The Tiong Bahru boy in me feels a little sad when another old kopitiam or provision give way to a hipster café and restaurant. Do we really need another new shop? Yakitori restaurant Bincho, like nearby Two Face, is one which manages to retain the old, while injecting fresh vibes into the same place.

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Use of building fund did not breach CHC's constitution: Witness

The external auditor of the City Harvest Church testified today (Jan 15) that there was no breach in the church’s constitution when the Building Fund was used in bond subscription.Taking the stand for a third day, Ms Tiang Yii of Baker Tilly agreed with the defence that the church’s subscription to Xtron bonds was authorised. Xtron was the firm managing singer Sun Ho’s music career. It had a bond subscription agreement with the church to raise funds for Ho’s music

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Thinking out loud - Riot in Singapore?

It may be common in India to riot when there is a fatal accident and it may be a part of their culture. But if they import that culture to Singapore, we have every right to enforce our strictly no-nonsense laws and exact the maximum penalty that the law provides for. Singapore is obviously attractive to many foreigners which is why they are here. But we must ensure that they abide by our laws and when they don't, they must bear the full force of it. Singaporeans should support and uphold our laws and not seize this opportunity to criticize the government. The rioting has nothing to do with the government. Let's not allow our imagination to run wild and if we have a bone to pick with the government for whatever personal reasons we may have, let's not take the side of criminals to achieve our goal.

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Fare hike for transport early next year?

From 2006 to the last seven years do you know how much our transport fares
have increased? 0.3%. It has almost remained the same. Even though it increased for some years, during the 2008 financial crisis, it was reduced. In the past year, there was no change in the fare." - Minister without Portfolio, Mr S Iswaran in aTamil programme in Vasantham

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