Lui Tuck Yew Thanked the Public Transport Council

The Public Transport Council (PTC) has struck a good balance by keeping the bus and train fare increase a few notches below the average wage increase last year, said Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew today (Jan 16). He said the council managed to do so while enhancing concessions for a significant segment of commuters, such as students, especially the polytechnic students, and full-time National Servicemen (NSFs), and providing new products like the monthly unlimited travel passes for senior citizens and other adults.

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The SMRT Secret

By being a shareholder of the SMRT, I was indirectly guilty of causing the discomfort and miseries of commuters everyday. I couldn't rebut his point because he was right and I agreed with him. But I offered the reason behind my decision. As a customer of the SMRT myself, I was subjected to unreasonable price hikes and I could not do a single thing about it. No one in the government seemed to be interested to stop these crap.

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Bus, train fares to increase by 4 to 20 cents this year

Starting from April 6, adult fares for buses and trains are set to increase by four to 20 cents, announced the Public Transport Council (PTC) this afternoon (Jan 16). Those paying by cash will pay more, with fares set to rise by 20 cents per trip. For senior citizens and students, fares will increase by two to 10 cents per journey, with those paying cash having to pay more.

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WASHINGTON POST: 17 countries with possible housing bubbles (SINGAPORE INCLUDED)

The major economies have been growing only slowly. Yet with low interest rates and aggressive central bank action across the globe, there is a giant pool of money that has to go somewhere. That somewhere has not been productive new investments, like companies building new factories. Rather, it has come in the form of people taking advantage of cheap credit to bid up the price of existing real estate in cities from Stockholm to Sydney.

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It is about overcrowding, not xenophobia

In the 1970s, the Government intervened with the “Two is Enough” campaign because our nation and wealth level could not sustain a large population overnight. That was an exercise in prudence, and the crowded buses of the 1980s gave way to a more civil commute. Today, I see scenes at the bus stops and on the buses similar to those of the ’80s. Such crowding can also be said of the MRT and our roads. We should face these facts.

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Beginning 2013, Malaysia joined the league of nations implementing minimum wages. With the wisdom of Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, the Government picked enough courage and confidence to implement this policy. The Minimum Wages initiative for Malaysia was announced by the Prime Minister in his Budget Speech on Oct 15, 2010. The policy is meant to ensure employees can meet their basic needs and create the necessary environment for industries to move-up their value chain by increasing the productivity of their employees through the use of technology and other innovations.

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