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I hope you can share this and let the general public know how MOE and Transport ministry are making use of our children.

My son is a student in Ping Yi Secondary School. The school has asked my son and his friends to distribute flyers to the public at bus stops to raise awareness about the new feeder bus service 222 in Chai Chee.

This is outrageous! Why do you need to use students to raise awareness of a profit driven organisation? Their exams are also around the corner. Why are the transport authorities so desperate now?

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There is nothing wrong. Everytime aso wanna complain. And it is not profit organization. The shuttle bus is there and free for the students as the sbs 222 is damn packed. They are helping you to cut cost and yet u are complaining. Distribute flyer also must complain ah.

@Mohamed Imran Farid - Wow..

@Mohamed Imran Farid - Wow...so noble! Instead of just being an empty vessel making self-righteous remarks, why don't you volunteer yourself and stop being a big mouth? And you must be quite an moronic imbecile to even claim that SBS is non-profit organization! So, shut your mouth and nobody will know you are retarded!

Distributing flyers is not

Distributing flyers is not mandatory for the students nor their job. That is real shameless and disgusting and you're supporting it.

There's nothing wrong with

There's nothing wrong with making it mandatory for primary school students to distribute flyers for the shuttle bus company? Students are there to learn cognative skills, personal growth and socially acceptable norms. No matter how you stretch it, it's going to be difficult to convincingly show how it's "for the kids".

Also, you mentioned that:
Since the students enjoy a free shuttle service, Therefore they should spend time giving out flyers.
Wow, where can i get some of that free service. Can i give you some free popcorn, and you give out flyers for me?

(I believe "just kidding" is the way people defuse the tension? or is it #JustSaying these days. Before you rage, keep in mind what website we're on. Take it easy man. or you'll really need them popcorns. )

If I'm giving something out

If I'm giving something out something free ( as a private company), which you may or may not endorse, can I or should I make it mandatory for you to help me promote it for free? It is outrageous.

Opps, sorry, replied the

Opps, sorry, replied the wrong person. :x

Surely they're given CIP

Surely they're given CIP hours or something, this kind of stuff seem like a CIP of sorts.

"son and his friends"
I'm gonna assume it's only them, 4 or 5 of them, is it the entire class? Entire level? If it's the 4 or 5 of them, they're probably lacking a few more CIP hours to graduate, it's their responsibility to get enough CIP hours, and if they aren't getting enough to graduate, it's probably desperate measures for the school to let them graduate.

Besides, not enough information is given, did the school give out forms to inform the parents about it? What is the reason behind it?

CIP System

I guess if they're given CIP hours it isn't that bad...

But then again, that begs the question if our CIP system is achieving its intended goals.
Entirely different topic altogether, so I'd rather not hijack OP's thread.

Distributing flyers?

I am from Ping Yi Secondary school. Distributing flyers? I have no idea our school are asking people to distribute flyers. As what I know, the students were distributing goodie bags. The goodie bag contains some brochures related to 222p, a packet of milo and bun. Here's a news on straitstimes: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/transport/story/new-peak-peri...
I don't see anyone of them feel force. And the one wearing yellow is one of the teacher in our school. Even if they are distributing flyers, teachers will be there to accompany them. Is not like asking you to distribute for days or a few hours. Probably just 30mins or 1hour. They may get their VIA points as it is raising awareness to the community. During VIA day, did your child feel force when helping to distribute hampers to the residents? Knocking on every doors, and maybe some were not even in.
For students who were helping to distribute goodie bags, the principal have acknowledge it when she was giving a speech. As what I know, the school have try to appeal to the MOE and transport authority for almost 8years. Your child can probably appreciate it instead. Squeezing in bus and probably not able to get on to it. Sometimes you have to even wait for 10~15minutes for the bus. I have experience it when taking bus 222. If your child and his friends feel like they have been force, they can just tell the teacher. They probably came early and were doing nothing which why the teacher chose them to help distribute flyers.

AngelicaFlys +1

AngelicaFlys +1
Im from Ping Yi Sec also, 2010 graduates, the shuttle bus service really is a good touch, how i wish i have that service that time. Well student gets to go school FOC, in order to create more awareness, the school asked student whether they can volunteer to distribute goodies bag. Well the student have a CHOICE to make, to help or not to help. No body can force anybody to do the things they are unwillingly. to do.

Where have i seen this before

... Oh ya.. donation cards... since the beginning of 'time', even you and me knows we are 'forced' to solicit donations from parents, neighbours friends etc.. if you not get the minimum sum you will be mocked or teachers refuse to take back the card. HARD TRUTH !

Why get school children ?

Why get school children to do the job when the bus company have their own staff ?? Isn't this considered child slavery ???

Pls clarify with the school

Pls clarify with the school in charge before posting it online?
Next, is your child and his/her friends volunteer to do it or being punish to do it?

Just to share, if everything you do is all about money, why dont they just work? I hope that your child did his best for the up coming mid yr exam. If not, I guess you gonna complain again? Aint u?
Self/ personal development is needed or even required, Being a NATO, wont make any different.

(FYI: NATO = no action, talk only)

If complain is your only action, i suggest u should teach them what is call time management :)

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