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Syllabus on character, citizenship education launched

This is part of the new Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) syllabus that was introduced yesterday. Parents will also have an active role to play as key chapters will have “family time” activities, where students are encouraged to share what they have learnt in school with their parents. The CCE, which was launched by Education Minister Heng Swee Keat at Rivervale Primary, will be introduced this year in stages in Pri 1 and 2 and secondary schools, before being extending to Pri 3 to Pri 6 next year.

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A year of maturation for S’pore

This year has been an eventful year of maturation for Singapore. The first half of the year began with the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) losing its second consecutive by-election in 12 months. The introduction of the Population White Paper in February caused a national furore, and the ripple effects …

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Should leaders focus on results or people?

A lot of ink has been spilled on people’s opinions of what makes a great leader. As a scientist, I like to turn to the data. In 2009, Mr James Zenger published a fascinating survey of 60,000 employees that sought to identify how different leadership characteristics combine to affect perceptions of whether a boss is a “great” leader. Two characteristics he examined were “results focus” and “social skills”.

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Taiwan government’s efforts pay off in pre-schools

The Taiwan government started intervening in early childhood learning more than two decades ago. One of its first moves was to set up pre-schools within public primary schools. Other efforts include providing funding for inclusive education and tapping academics to act as mentors for pre-school teachers.

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Nudging pre-schools in Taiwan to improve

But thanks to the Taiwan government’s Guidance Project initiative, Dajia’s fortunes have been turned around. The pre-school now enjoys full enrolment, and its curriculum and amenities are much improved.

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Little India riot: The dog that did not bark

In the aftermath of the Little India riot, the focus and dominant narrative, unsurprisingly, have been on law and order issues. The Government’s narrative is that the riot was a “one-off” spontaneous mayhem; the proximate cause being the inebriated state of some foreign workers reacting angrily and violently to a fatal accident involving one of their own. Yet, the law and order narrative does not sit well with the long-standing issues in Little India, such as the easy availability of alcohol, jaywalking, littering and other public nuisances, as well as overcrowding.

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