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More Civil Activists Stand Up For New Naratif’s Thum Ping Tjin

New Naratif's founder Dr Thum Ping Tjin (PJ Thum) was hauled up by the police and had his electronic equipment seized. The police treatment of PJ Thum has been viewed as a form of state harassment and intimidation tactics. International organisations and political parties like the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) have come to the defence of New Naratif, and their voices have just been joined by prominent civil activists like playwright Alfian Sa'at, as well as activists such as Sean Francis Han and Function 8.

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Students of Beauty Paws International Allegedly Get Victimised

I would like to bring to your attention about this dog grooming school called Beauty Paws. The instructor has very bad conduct himself and also insults, threatens students with his ill mannered behaviour. They're way too many incidents that took place to perhaps all of his students who are victims. I hereby hope that no other people will fall victim to this illegal grooming institute.

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Makansutra’s KF Seetoh Criticises Manpower Policy For Offering Blue Collared Jobs Locals Shun Or Cannot Do

The Straits Times recently ran an article "About 5,400 jobs on offer in food sector despite pandemic". However KF Seetoh, Singapore top chef and founder of Makansutra, felt that the appropriate title should have been "5.4k jobs on offer in Food sector that nobody is hard up for, since April". While KF Seetoh supports the creation of jobs, he shed light on how these job offers for blue collared work in the F&B industry involve basic cooking preparations and maintaining kitchen cleanliness. These offers would be a mismatch for Singaporeans who have been brought up to aspire for higher goals, or educated and trained in skills for another industry.

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SDP Stands In Solidarity With New Naratif’s Thum Ping Tjin

The latest to show their support for PJ Thum and New Naratif was the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP). On the evening of 22 Sep 2020, SDP made a press release to decry the harassment of activists and independent journalists in Singapore. The SDP explained that PJ Thum was only exercising his rights as a citizen of Singapore to comment on the local political situation. SDP said the ELD was acting in a partisan manner, and hit back at the ELD by suggesting the department should look into the "numerous incidents regarding the PAP" where elections rules may have been breached.

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Facebook Page Scammed Online Shopper With Fake Shoes

A reader has shared her experience with a Facebook page which has apparently scammed her. The Facebook page called "Shopping Party" makes posts claiming to sell branded items at discounted prices. They claimed the prices were reduced for clearance or gave excuses like anniversary sales.

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SingapoRediscover Vouchers. Boredom Buster or Funny Money?

$365 million. That is money better spent on food for people who are living paycheck to paycheck, or not even a paycheck at all ! Or slightly larger dorms for low wage migrant workers which won't flare up re-infection of the coronavirus. Between you and me, I would've preferred the $100 in the form of a national rebate to apologize to Singaporean adults for facing possibly the most stupid period in modern history.

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