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GE2020: The Top Five Hunks Of GE2020

With election fever climbing since Nomination Day, the men of GE2020 has also set some hearts throbbing and temperatures rising. If elections could be won based purely on looks, netizens certainly feel these male candidates will make it into Parliament. The gentlemen featured here do not represent our views or support for any particular party.

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GE2020: The Top 5 Chio Bu Of GE2020

Since the start of GE2020 Nomination Day, Singaporeans have been scrutinizing the characters and backgrounds of political candidates. However it seems the public has also taken an interest in the looks of various candidates. We have compiled a list of top five beauties (chio bu) for GE2020 based on public opinion. The ladies featured here do not represent our views or support for any particular party.

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COVID19: Scoot Cabin Crew Seen Throwing Singapore Passport Was Doing #DontRushChallenge

A Scoot cabin crew member was seen throwing a Singapore passport at the end of a Tiktok clip she uploaded to her account a few days ago. Netizens were infuriated by her act of disrespecting the valuable Singapore passport. However, it turns out that the clip was part of a series of videos merged together in a DontRushChallenge video by cabin crew members as they are understandably bored during the circuit breaker.

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Covid19: A Millennial’s Advice On How To Cope With CB At Home

Now is a good time to play that video game you didn’t had time before or a hobby like home cooking, living room exercise or those dance challenges on TikTok. Learn your mother tongue slightly better, learn the basics of whatever instruments lying around, finally clean out your room or storage room of clothes that do not fit you or items you find redundant. Something to do is better than nothing.

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I am a taxi driver and would like to share what I heard when I sent 4 army boys to their camps on Sunday night. The boys were talking about how they can profit from Ed Sheeran tickets, one of them who went to queue claimed that he got 8 tickets and only needs 2, he is willing to sell the some of the remaining 6 tickets to the other friends and allow them to jack up the prices for profits. They started looking over the Internet for some cheaper tickets like maybe less than $1000 and prepare to sell them out again at $1500 so on and so forth. I am wondering, are these army boys so desperate for money? Why are they robbing others of their livelihood with their own greed or advantage? I am hoping for the authorities or ticketing agents to take actions avian at these scalpers. Please be careful Ed Sheeran fans.

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