Editorials by the ASS Team.

Lawyer Khush Chopra Wary About The Public Gallery Seats Given Out During Leong Sze Hian’s Defamation Suit

According to news reports, all tickets for this open Court hearing were snapped up by 7AM this morning. This revelation caused lawyer Khush Chopra to comment "I wonder who knew the unusually early time that queue numbers would be issued and that only 20 seats in the public gallery would be available. I’m not sure you can say that this trial is being conducted in open court that anyone is allowed to attend in these circumstances."

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MOM Officers Caught FDW Doing Sales From Her Online Business

A netizen posted photographs showing MOM staff confronting an unknown female who was said to be a Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW). The netizen said that the MOM officers had caught the FDW doing distribution for her online fashion business. This incident happened on 4 October 11.30am in front of Tangs Orchard.

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M Ravi: Lim Tean Unlawfully Arrested By Plainclothes Police

Prominent lawyer Lim Tean was arrested by three plainclothes police officers in his office on 2 Oct 2020. This shocking move comes as Lim Tean was in the midst of helping Leong Sze Hian prepare a defence against a defamation trial filed by the Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, which will be heard next week.

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Leong Sze Hian: Disclose The Accumulated Surpluses From Eldershield Premiums

Like most insurance schemes, the collected ElderShield premiums will not be sitting idly. The premiums will be invested until the need arise for it to be used as monthly payouts should a claims be made. Leong Sze Hian therefore asked if the $3.3 billion figure included the accumulated interest on the investment returns from the excess premiums to claims? As these figures were not made transparent to the public, Leong Sze Hian guessed if the accumulated surpluses will be about $4 billion?

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NSF Overwhelmed By Kind Taxi Driver Who Sheltered Him From The Rain

While I was waiting at traffic light drenched in the rain, a taxi driver suddenly honk me. I was shocked and he offer me a ride to the MRT because it was abit far. I said I didn't have any money and he said nevermind just come in. I am so overwhelmed with shock at how kind Singaporeans are and there are kindness that is left unsaid. So with this I am hoping I could repay his kindness once I get my pay.

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