Editorials by the ASS Team.

4 Women Arrested For Creating Ruckus At Balestier Bak Kut Teh Shop

Police have conformed that four women had been arrested after a police report were made against them fighting a group of two men and a woman at a bak kut teh in Balestier. A video of the women creating a public nuisance there have been circulating online, although no explanation as tho what made the women attack the group have been made public.

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Selegie Road Has Mysterious Massage Parlour That Only Opens Its Doors For Lone Males Who Walks Pass

A shop along Selegie Road looks unsuspectingly always closed for business, with its store front quiet and no one seems to be inside the shop. However, if you are a male and happen to walk pass the shop alone, the massage parlour would suddenly spring to life, with doors being opened, and a woman would come out of the shop to greet that solitary man and try to get the man to come inside.

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Large Crowd Queues For Commemorative $20 Notes, Got Enough For Everyone?

Singaporeans likes to join in long queues for almost anything. From Hello Kitty plush toys, A&W re-opening at Jewel, and launch of new Apple iPhones. The latest long queue that Singaporeans have been seen in is the launch of the commemorative $20 note that was released today, to mark the bicentennial celebrations for Singapore this year.

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More People Over The Age Of 60 Going To Jail In SG

Studies should be done to determine why this is the case. Is it because of the rising cost of living, that old folks turn to drug consumption, which will lead to a free stay in jail? Or are the seniors turning to drugs to help them go through the hard life of being an old folk living in expensive Singapore?

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