Editorials by the ASS Team.

Architect Tay Kheng Soon: Singapore Must Think Beyond The Defunct LKY Vision

NUS professor and veteran architect Tay Kheng Soon believes Singapore needs to have a new vision beyond the defunct Lee Kuan Yew vision of a "Global City." Noticing how the Covid19 pandemic has wrecked the global economy, Tay Kheng Soon says it shows the vulnerabilities and outdatedness of LKY's vision. The world has changed since Singapore achieved its status as a Global City.

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Don’t Steal Vouchers From People

A woman in Toa Payoh went through a HDB block and decided to steal $10 vouchers given out to people via Budget 2020 to buy groceries. Groceries... that are getting stretched thinner and thinner as a result of international trade crippling the means for a farmer an ocean away to sell off his crops to end up on your bowl. What the hell is wrong with us ?

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PHV Driver Makes Startling Discovery Under Seat

Many Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) drivers work long hours and they can meet a variety of passengers while doing their rounds. Unfortunately for PHV driver Fyzal Anwerbag, one of his passengers would cause him to end up at the police station.

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