Editorials by the ASS Team.

PAP Grassroots Adviser Claims No Double Standard, Pritam Singh Rebutted Him Back

Chua lost the 2015 GE to Pritam Singh's WP, but he is of course appointed grassroots adviser, win or lose. Chua claimed that there was no 7 year waiting time for approval, and even went so far as to claim the idea for the ramp was actually mooted by Eunos CCC, of which he runs and thus becomes a key decision maker in a ward he lost in. Chua also said the funding for the ramp was secure, with his help of course, in September 2016, and construction works started in December 2018.

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A Ramp In Aljunied GRC That Took 7 Years To Build, Because PAP Refuses To Yield To WP

However, MPs must go through their Grassroots Advisers to raise projects for consideration. For PAP wards, Grassroots Advisers are always the elected PAP MPs themselves, so basically, they ownself allow ownself to use funds. But for opposition ward, the Grassroot Adviser happens to be the very same PAP candidates that were defeated by the WP in the Elections, thus it is no surprise that they have their own agenda against WP doing good work for their residents.

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4 Men Arrested For SG Nasi Lemak Chat Group, Youngest Is 17 Years Old

The Telegram group surfaced and came to the wider public’s attention in September 2019 after several women reported finding their photos shared on the platform, in various state of undress. Upskirt photos were also found of unsuspecting women. At the platform’s peak, it had between 44,000 to 46,000 members. Police have confirmed that they have arrested 4 men for their connections to the chat group.

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WP Accused Of Lack Of Fiduciary Duty, But PAP MPs Get Away With Not Even A Slap On The Wrist

When the Ang Mo Kio Town Council General Manager took bribes for almost two years before finally being caught, the PAP MPs for that TC, led by the esteemed PM himself, did not even get a slap on the wrist. So what were the MPs doing for two years when their appointed man was happily taking bribes managing their town Council? Sleeping on the job to not realise this? Isn't this the same as failing in their fiduciary duties?

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