Editorials by the ASS Team.

Singapore’s Economy Already In Recession, Covid19 Just A Convenient Excuse

Singapore's economic depression over the past decade is a symptom not the disease. More importantly, Singaporeans must be wide eye to know that the recession in 2020 is not caused by the COVID-19 disease. The COVID-19 disease merely hastened the coming of a recession in Singapore. If and when the COVID-19 disease become pandemic and caused a global recession, Singapore's recession in 2020 will become more severe.

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SAF Captain Charged In The Death Of NSF Dies Of Cancer, Weeks After Discharge Was Granted To Him

News of Tan's cancer diagnosis was first leaked to the press by the late SAF CFC Dave Lee's mum, who said she has forgiven Captain Tan for his role in her son's death, even saying that she felt sad for Captain Tan and his family. On 5th February, it was reported in the papers that the AGC had given Tan a discharge not amounting to an acquittal, which meant that the charges can be revived again at a later date

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PAP To Give SGreans “Strong Package” Against Virus Fallout In Budget 2020

Lawrence Wong is also the co-chairman of the multi-Ministry task-force on Covid- 19, thus he will have a direct view of how the virus is affecting Singapore's economy. As China's economy is one of the biggest in the world, the virus has almost ensured that supply chains have been disrupted due to China’s economic slowdown and this has caused a blow in the global economy, which will definitely affect Singapore.

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PSP Releases Their Economic Policy Proposal Ahead Of Budget 2020

Among its economic policies were a "No To A GST Hike policy, as well as indicating that long term infrastructure projects in Singapore should no come at the expanse of an increase in taxes. PSP has said that they propose against raising any taxes or any other fees for the next five years, as Singapore has a strong financial standing to alleviate any costs to the citizens. PSP also said that long-term infrastructural projects, such as Changi Airport Terminal 5, should be based on the private firms' own financial and commercial merit, and not require tax increases to fund them.

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Cab Drivers And PHV Drivers Report Drop In Earnings, Any Help For Them?

However, what is less spoken about is the impact that the virus has on taxi drivers and private hire drivers. With number of confirmed cases increasing, and cases of local transmission being confirmed, less and less people are going to expose themselves to unnecessary interaction with strangers. Thus, people would choose to stay home and indoors, rather than travel out. And even if they travel out, most would most likely arrange for their own transportation, with people they know and trust.

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MSM News Reports That PRCs Are Buying Masks In SG To Send Back To Their Home

A report on the government mouthpiece paper, The Straits Times, said that some Chinese nationals who are living in Singapore are buying masks to bring or send back to their hometowns in China, as apparently, there are shortages arising from the Wuhan virus there. The report, which came out about a week ago, seem more apt now that Singapore is facing 4 new cases where the virus was locally transmitted.

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