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17 year COE High: Biker boy analyses what next

My heart sank when I heard about the latest certificate of entitlement (COE) price for motorcycles - $2,704 - and the highest for 17 years. That's a 36 per cent rise compared with January's first bidding quota premium of $1,989. Naturally, there were many biker voices on social media calling the increase painful and unfair. Many pin the blame on the recent announcement that monthly quota of COEs from February to April (a new threemonth COE recycling period) will decrease from 3,471 to 3,043.

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Magician cum pastor Lawrence Khong says HPB self-pawn govt pro-family policies

We disagree with the claim that moral objection to homosexual behaviour is based on "irrational fear, disgust, or hatred" of homosexuals or bisexuals because they "do not conform to traditional sexual roles and stereotypes". Far from it. Moral objection is based on the intrinsic physiological nature of the male and female bodies. We do not despise homosexuals or hold them in contempt. We esteem them as fellow human beings of intrinsic worth. Each one is precious, deserving respect and love, just like anyone else.

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After this i was so disturbed. I am straight and I've watched gay and straight porn discreetly at 16, a time when teenagers try to learn more about their bodies and about sexuality. I've stopped watching such stuff after some time as i felt guilty. I've learnt to be very sensitive to issues like gay rights as I read newspapers widely and I am a debater. But today I just felt disgusted by the action of this guy. I wonder if i have homophobia?

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“Omg, that cca is so gay!" I cringed when I heard that in school today. A single line, simple, yet encapsulating of certain disturbing points of view. I needn't quote statistics of our nation's GDP. It's obvious that we're progressing with no signs of slowing down. Yet, how far is this true with regards to the maturity of thoughts and actions of our people?

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Consumer complaints hit record level high in 2013: CASE

Complaints to the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) soared to a record high last year, the watchdog group said today (Jan 30). A total of 29,254 complaints were filed with CASE last year, up 13.7 per cent from the 25,733 recorded in 2012. CASE helped consumers recover S$2,356,072.70 in the successfully resolution of 77.5 per cent of the cases it handled last year, up from the 75.5 per cent rate the year before.

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Traffic Police Finds Fault with Truck Driver Josiah Wong

While driving a truck along SLE today a Traffic Police car cut into my lane suddenly and step on the brake multiple times. The car then drove away and a few minutes later, appear in front of me again. Turned on its siren and direct me to stop at the side of the expressway.

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