Singaporeans’ favourite pastime.

Someone Set Fire To A Disposal Bin At HDB Block in Woodlands

Last night, a netter was walking past his HDB garbage disposal when they noticed that the rubbish bin was on fire. Yet there was no one around at the scene. Some netters speculate that it could’ve been irresponsible smokers throwing their cigarette butts into the bin. One netter quipped that …

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Netizen: Geylang Is A Hotbed Of South Asian Errant Smokers!

Dear AllSingaporeStuff, I refer to the following pictures showing errant smokers @Tasvee Restaurant The violations usually takes place after 11pm, with the South Asian foreigners heading out for supper and I suggest MSE takes these blatant acts seriously enough to send a team to inspect. You might just find a …

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More Than Half Of Our COVID Cases Are Imported! MTF WTF?!

Less than a month before Chinese New Year, and our weekly infection rate is growing again. More than half of our COVID cases are also imported. Current protocols of course mean that there are cases every day that people detect on their ARTs which never appear in national statistics. This …

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