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Inconsiderate Uncle Disrupting The Peace At Tampines N2 Shopping Street

I would like to bring to your attention and escalate a very active noise pollution case caused by a healthy looking elderly man. The ordeal and noise pollution take place at the road-facing sheltered/seating area between 201D and 201E Tampines Street 21/23 near guardian pharmacy. Separate random sessions would start as early from 8am, at lunch, midday, dinner, and after dinner with extremely loud oldies music blasting from his speaker for a couple of hours. He is often seen smoking in the prohibited zone too.

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84-Year-Old Grandmother Allegedly Scammed Of Life Savings By God Daughter

Some time back, the alleged scammer started asking money from the grandmother to "invest" in her son's company and promised a handsome monthly return. However the grandmother is illiterate and chose to trust her god daughter's words. Slowly but surely her life's savings was drained away into this "investment." After receiving a few months of the promised returns, the alleged scammer suddenly stopped handing back the cash and started to give a ton of excuses to the grandmother.

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87 Just Thai Restaurant Customer Felt Humiliated After Giving Feedback

A customer of 87 Just Thai restaurants shared his unpleasant experience with one of the staff member. This incident happened after the customer left a 1 star rating on their Google page. A staff member asked for feedback, and then proceeded to question the customer's upbringing and advised him to take some English lessons as well because of his bad grammar. The customer feels that this staff member was "literally humiliating me with polite words."

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DBS Refused To Help Customer Who Lost $2000 Through Fraudulent Transfers

A reader discovered three unauthorised overseas transactions on his DBS account amounting to $2000. DBS was allegedly unwilling to look deeper into this case. The reader feels frustrated and confused as he had never received any OTP notification of these fraudulent transfers. The other fishy bit was that these transfers were made to Malaysia even though he had not activated overseas transactions.

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Lim Tean Heckled By Cops, The Heck Is Going On ?!

I am highly suspect within the time frame in which this was done. Assuming that these allegations against Lim Tean were pre-existing and not something that would just appear out of nowhere, why did the police specifically muscled into Lim Tean's office one week before that Libel suit ? It could easily be a subtle message to hold his tongue in the presence of Lee Hsien Loong

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