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Collin’s Customer Disappointed With Service Recovery

A netizen was having a meal at the Ang Mo Kio branch of Collin’s restaurant on 31 October when she encountered an unpleasant experience with her food and how the matter was handled by a service staff. As the netizen had order the Collin’s recommended set meal, it came along …

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Grabfood Customer Tried to Cancel Wrong Order But Told Food Would Be Disposed Instead

I placed order with GrabFood for Mcdonald's delivery on 19 Oct at 5.29pm. While placing the order, I realised the delivery address wrong at the wrong place. Subsequently, I tried to cancel the order via the app but was not able to. So I told the rider I try to call up GrabFood and ask for cancellation. In the call, the CSO told me that they cannot cancel the order as it is my fault as the customer to choose the wrong address.

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