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SJWs Flaming Shopee Work Culture, Accuse It For Being Racist

SJWs found a new target to flame and cancel. This time, it’s Shopee. @wakeupsingapore compiled a list of “scathing reviews” from what appeared to be past interviewees and current Shopee employees. Sweatshop-like Culture, No Work-Life Balance Some netters shared that culture in the office that is almost akin to the 996 culture …

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Safe Entry Crew: Today I Dealt With So Many Guailan People!

SafeEntry officers are just doing their job! Yet some Singaporeans can always find the reason to be rude to them, from getting impatient when the machine lags to slamming their phones into the officers’ faces. u/melvinchen-2000 shared about his worst day as a SafeEntry officer in a post on Reddit. …

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