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Starbucks Branch At Liat Towers Gave Pleasant Surprise

Because yesterday i feel moody so i put some note at the GrabFood app. Then i'm surprised the Starbucks gave me a free drink. i checked the receipt again maybe i order wrong, but it is not. Maybe because of the note i wrote, so Starbucks gave me a free drink to cheer me up. They also wrote sweet messages for me and really made my day.

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Covid19: A Millennial’s Advice On How To Cope With CB At Home

Now is a good time to play that video game you didn’t had time before or a hobby like home cooking, living room exercise or those dance challenges on TikTok. Learn your mother tongue slightly better, learn the basics of whatever instruments lying around, finally clean out your room or storage room of clothes that do not fit you or items you find redundant. Something to do is better than nothing.

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Zheng Jiajia, an engineer in China and ex-staff of telecom firm Huawei recently married a robot after failing to find a human girlfriend. He created the robot himself and married her in a traditional Chinese wedding where she even had a red veil over her head. He is thinking of upgrading her so that she can walk and do household chores. Song bo? All the single guys take note, now can ownself create ownself marry liao!

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