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Do Singaporeans Even Have Any Choice?

A Singaporean shared his frustrations with the lack of choices in this country. He feels things and decisions have been forced onto citizens since birth, and our freedom continues to be eroded away… unless the underperforming overpaid Ministers are voted out. His post published in full: I didn’t choose to …

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Collin’s Customer Disappointed With Service Recovery

A netizen was having a meal at the Ang Mo Kio branch of Collin’s restaurant on 31 October when she encountered an unpleasant experience with her food and how the matter was handled by a service staff. As the netizen had order the Collin’s recommended set meal, it came along …

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To Close, or Not Close, Is That the Only Choice for MOE?

Instead of being for or against closing schools, how about we let parents decide whether their children would stay home to receive their education online? This will allow families facing different circumstances to make their decisions accordingly. It may also facilitate the implementation of social distancing in schools as certain classrooms and teachers may be freed up so that conventional class size may be reduced with the potential bonus of enhancing the quality of education delivery.

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