South Asian Couple Throw Garbage Bags Into Our Canal?!

In a video uploaded onto vimeo, a couple of South Asian origin can be seen standing sheepishly along the canal, with the man holding a filled garbage bag. With the woman on the lookout, the man tossed the garbage bag he was holding into the canal. There was already another …

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Singapore Has 2 More National Languages?!

A danger sign in Bukit Batok was found to have 2 more languages on it – Bengal and Korean. Since when were these two languages added? Add language still never write correctly. According to netters, the Bengal sentence also had errors. “Nope, minor error for “দূরে” which is the correct …

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Pervert Molests 2 Women In Broad Daylight On Orchard Road

In a series of Instastories, one netter shared about her encounter with a pervert in broad daylight on orchard road. The netter witnessed the man molesting 2 women in broad daylight on Orchard Road. “We were all waiting to cross the junction between Paragon and Taka. The first victim, he …

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