GE2020: Petition Started for PAP to Apologise for Statement on Raeesah Khan

A petition for PAP to apologise for its press statement on Raeesah Khan has started today. The petition starters found the PAP behaving hypocritically as PAP members themselves have made racially insensitive remarks.

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GE2020: Police Report Made on Actor Dennis Chew for Brownface Ad

A netizen disclosed that his cousin has just made a police report against the actor Dennis Chew in the brownface ad for Nets for the same reason Raeesah was reported. This comes as more and more police reports are being made after police reports were made against WP Raeesah Khan's online comments.

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GE2020: Police Report Made on PAP's Press Statement of WP's Position on Raeesah Khan

A concerned citizen has made a police report on PAP's press statement asking WP to state its stand on Raeesah Khan's posts. The purpose of this report is to hold the PAP accountable for an "offence of promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion or race under Section 298A of the Penal Code" as well as the spreading of online falsehoods.

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GE2020: Sinkies Should Make Police Report On All The Racist PAP Comments!

Standing in solidarity with Raeesah, all of us should make police reports about the various racist things PAP have said and inundate SPF with these reports. If thousands of Singaporeans do this, they’ll have to stop the smear campaign and investigation into Raeesah!

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GE2020: PAP Candidate Hany Soh's Facebook Page Ownself Wished Ownself Recovery

PAP Marsiling-Yew Tee candidate Hany Soh's Facebook admin was caught forgetting to switch accounts. This happened when a comment appeared to ownself console ownself after she posted about fracturing her foot during her campaign.

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GE2020: Police Report Made Against Man Who Reported WP Candidate Raeesah Khan To The Police

A police report has been made against the man who is believed to have reported WP's Sengkang candidate Raeesah Khan to the police for her 2018 social media posts. The man, a known PAP IB, Abdul Malik bin Ghazali, outed himself in a Facebook post by claiming that he was the one of the first to leak out and viral screenshots of her Twitter account.

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GE2020: WP Chief Pritam Singh Standing By Raeesah Khan Is The Epitome Of True Leadership

Despite the dirty smearing of the PAP on WP candidate Raeesah Khan, the WP leadership Pritam Singh and Sylvia Lim stood by their candidate and came out looking even more good than the PAP. If the PAP thought they could destroy the WP Sengkang team with this, they can't be even more wrong.

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GE2020: Police Report Made Against Heng Swee Keat For Saying Sinkies Not Ready For Minority Prime Minister

After a police report was made against Raeesah Khan for her 2018 comments about the discrimination faced by minorities, a police report has now been made against the future Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat for his 2019 comments that older Singaporeans are not ready for a non-Chinese prime minister.

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