Who will PM pick for Aljunied?

The more you think about it, the more it appears that Aljunied GRC is presenting the PAP with one big headache. The GRC system seemed like such a foolproof way for the PAP to secure its dominance. Who would have thought that it would end up haunting it, with that one loss opening up a can of worms? As we inch ever closer to the next General Election, which could well be next year, Singapore’s 50th year of independence, the PAP needs to have its strategy in place real soon.

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President Tony Tan pays tribute to late Sir Run Run Shaw

President Tony Tan Keng Yam has paid tribute to the late Sir Run Run Shaw. Writing in a Facebook post, Dr Tan said although living in Hong Kong, Sir Run Run was a good friend and made many contributions to Singapore. In 1985, when Dr Tan was Minister for Trade and Industry, Sir Run Run made a special visit to Singapore to contribute to the discussions of Singapore's Economic Committee, which was convened to identify new directions for Singapore's economic growth.

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ACM says it abides by international law in acquisition of artefacts

The Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) says it will take all necessary steps according to international laws and practice to return any stolen or looted objects from among the 30 artefacts it purchased from New York gallery, Art of the Past. In a statement on Wednesday, ACM said over 14 years from 1997 to 2010, it bought 30 objects from Art of the Past, an established gallery which had sold artefacts to reputable museums around the world.

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SPF Internal Affairs Office initiated investigation on allegation of police violence

Three men, all Indian Nationals in Singapore, have filed a formal complaint of police abuse subsequent to mass arrests following the riots in Singapore’s Little India district which took place on 8 December 2013.
The young men, 2 of whom were working in Singapore, and a 3rd who is an IT Project Manager who was visiting Singapore as a tourist, were accused of rioting and rounded up as suspects following the island nation’s first acts of rioting in more than 40 years.

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Fine and reward bus operators – too much privatisation in a public service

The latest announcement by the Land Transport Authority to penalise and reward public transport operators (PTOs) based on the frequency of delays in buses might have raised a few eyebrows. If not, it really should. Indeed, those who have read the comments in the first report by TODAY would have noted the negative reactions among readers. Clearly, this has not gone down well with the average Singaporean. It is interesting to note that the second report on the issue, by the same author, carried a very different headline – see image above. Perhaps there was a realisation, even by TODAY, of what this penalty-reward scheme really is about?

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The alternative news in 1 day? (part 20) – Give buses and to be rewarded via bus trial?

Further to my article “The alternative news in 1 day? (part 18) – Fine transport operators” (Jan 7), I understand from Terry Xu, Executive Editor of theonlinecitizen, some of the bus services selected for the trial are under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP). The programme refers to the 550 buses funded by the Government and another 250 added by the Public Transport Operators (PTOs), to increase the bus fleet by about 20%. The first 15 bus services out of the 22 announced for the trial are: 3, 17, 39, 52, 176, 184, 188, 228, 241, 242, 302, 325, 858, 901 and 911.

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No agent fees, no job for you.

“Brother, it is ok that we are sent back if we did not do good in our job. But it is not fair that we are sent back because we are unwilling to pay the agent money. Where is the justice?”
The Online Citizen (TOC) was earlier alerted to a story by one of our readers. She said that she had spoken with a town conservancy worker in her estate and was alarmed to know that he is going to be sent back to his country because he cannot pay the $5,000 agent fees being asked of him.
TOC met with the worker in Pasir Ris.

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Limit alcohol sale hours at neighbourhood coffee shops

At our neighbourhood coffee shops, there is heavy advertising of the cheap beer available, with young girls promoting and serving the beer. Some coffee shops even organise mini “getai” with a lucky draw and games to draw people to drink more. I have come across residents sleeping at the void decks and public places, thrown out by their families for their drinking habits. When they run out of money, they drink cheap samsu (distilled spirits).

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WDA kicks off footwear design diploma programme

“Based on market reports, Singapore is well-positioned to tap on the strong growth potential of the footwear market in the Asia Pacific region. Hence, it is important to develop a strong pipeline of local PMEs with the knowledge and skills to support the continued growth of the local footwear industry,” Mr Ng said. A total of S$2 million has been set aside by the WDA to fund the training of 450 local PMEs under the WSQ Diploma in Fashion Technology (Footwear Design & Product Development) from September last year to December this year.

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