Singaporeans will only stand to benefit from the inevitable public transport fare hike as services have been improving and will continue to do so, Singaporeans were told today. A transport authority, Hua Tua Chia, explained that the latest round of fare increases is ultimately sound because improvements have occurred and these costs money: “The fare hike is due to the many recent improvements in the public transport system.”

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Pussy Riot fine with not winning art award here since their political objective is achieved

Members from dissident Russian music/art collective Pussy Riot say they did not have trouble coming to Singapore to attend the inaugural Prudential Eye Awards, which were held on Saturday night at Suntec City Mall. They were in town because their work was nominated in the digital/video category of the awards, but they did not win. They say not winning does not bother them the least bit. "We are people who engage in social issues and political activism. Art is a means through which we can speak. This is a good chance for us to meet with you, to visit Asia, and to make contacts here.'"

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MOE reminds schools to be vigilant about student safety after PE deaths

The Ministry of Education (MOE) has issued a circular to schools reminding them to stay vigilant about student safety during Physical Education lessons and co-curricular activities (CCAs), after two students died last week during PE lessons. In particular, they highlighted the need for PE teachers — including substitute teachers — to stay updated on students’ pre-existing medical conditions and said it was important to have teachers and school personnel trained and confident to carry out cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

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LTA: Train Service Reliability has Improved

Train service reliability has improved in 2013 since the implementation of several targeted measures by the LTA-SMRT and LTA-SBS Transit (SBST) Joint Teams. SMRT and SBST are also enhancing service levels by increasing the number of train trips across their MRT lines. Across the MRT network, the number of incidents causing delays of more than 5 minutes for every 100,000 kilometres travelled has declined by 20% in 2013 compared to 2012.

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Malaysia: Non-Muslims banned from using word "Allah"

Malaysia’s king gave his backing today (Jan 19) to a court ruling barring non-Muslims from using the word Allah to refer to God, weighing in for the first time on an issue that has fanned religious tensions in the multi-cultural country. Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam, whose role as head of state is largely ceremonial, alluded to the issue which has raised questions over minority rights during his birthday speech to the Southeast Asian nation. A court in October ruled that the word was exclusive to majority Malay Muslims, overturning an earlier decision allowing a Catholic newspaper to use Allah in its Malay-language edition.

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My children, who are average in studies but have a strong command of the English language, are being bypassed for higher education in Singapore! We are an average income family and cannot afford extra tuition or overseas education for our three children. Foreigners with very poor command of English are given scholarships and free extra tuition to help them cope with the free education here. What about our own Singaporean children? If free extra tuition was given to me children in Chinese language, they would score sufficiently well, I’m sure.

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Every day, through eyes clouded by glaucoma, Peter witnesses the spending power generated by Singapore's economic success, knowing he can only afford to look. The 54-year-old shopping mall security guard is part of Singapore's hidden problem - a growing number of poor living on the margins in one of the world's most expensive cities.

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For an island so small that you can't run a marathon in a straight line in without hitting the sea, Singapore has done extremely well by any account. It has zilch natural resources but today, Singapore outstrips almost all other countries in the world, including countries which are many times its size and have a far longer history than this young nation that hasn't even hit 50. If you want the facts, here they are: Singapore is the 6th best country in the world to be born in (Cllick here) and it comes in fifth in the world on education

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