Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew Ignores the poor and the disabled?

Mr Lui also said that the discount under the scheme for low-income workers would lower their fares to around the same levels as 10-15 years ago, depending on the journey. Meanwhile, the discount for those with disabilities will be “even more significant”. Hey what about retirees and those who never got pay rises?

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'I don't feel proud to be Singaporean'

Controversial K-pop Star Hunt 3 finalist Stephanie Koh from Singapore says she does not regret how badly she behaved on the reality talent show. In one episode where she was asked to surrender her mobile phone, the 21-year-old had infamously said: "I'll attack you, I'll scratch you and I'll kill you". Back for the finals in Singapore, which saw her losing to Taiwanese contestant Andy Su, Stephanie remains unapologetic about her attitude, and fuelled further controversy by declaring that she doesn't feel proud to be Singaporean.

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Police awarded for efforts In Kidnap Case

Two police departments, four police units and 39 police officers were presented the Minister for Home Affairs Operational Excellence Awards this morning for the kidnap case which occurred last Thursday. This is in recognition of their outstanding performance and excellent teamwork in the rescue of an elderly kidnap victim and arrest of two men in relation to the kidnapping case.

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China Doctor Jailed for Selling Babies

A Chinese obstetrician has been given a suspended death sentence for stealing newborn babies and selling them to child traffickers. Zhang Shuxia was found guilty of abducting and selling seven babies, the sentencing court said. She told parents their infants had serious diseases and convinced them to give up the babies, the court said.

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City Harvest Church's former finance manager Serina Wee, who has been causing a stir with her good looks and stylish outfits, has set up a blogshop selling apparel and accessories. She turned up at the Subordinate Courts in one of her shop's dresses earlier on Monday (Jan 13). Netizens took notice of the white and blue V-neck piece, although a handful remarked how it resembled the uniform of a beer promoter. The dress retails for $48 on the website, which went live earlier this month. A black sleeveless dress Wee wore to court yesterday (Jan 14) is also available online for $52.

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The case against importing athletes

Fifa condemns foreigner recruitment as a farce Having seen more and more countries deliberately recruiting foreign-born footballers, many of whom are Brazilian, with no familial or ancestral ties to their new country, Fifa president Sepp Blatter told the BBC in 2007: “If we don’t stop this farce, if we don’t take care about the invaders from Brazil towards Europe, Asia and Africa then, in the 2014 or the 2018 World Cup, out of the 32 teams you will have 16 full of Brazilian players.”

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Former Ministry of Finance Director Dismisses Forbes Article

There is one argument from the article that is worth highlighting and which I mostly agree with. And that is booms which are led by real estate development and the financial sector are mostly illusory. They create the impression of economic dynamism without creating any real productive capacity in the economy (think back to Bangkok, KL and Jakarta just before the Asian crisis). They also distort and re-direct resources away from productive activities. Real estate and finance are inherently distributive, not creative, activities – they move money and wealth around, but they don’t lead to any productive capacity and technological capabilities for the economy.

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Nitcharee, represented by lawyer Cosmas Gomez, now has to bear the cost of the 13-day trial in 2012. However lawyer K. Anparasan of KhattarWong, acting for SMRT's and LTA's insurers, told The Straits Times yesterday: "Although the plaintiff's claim has been dismissed with cost, the insurers of SMRT and LTA are open to discussions in the event that the plaintiff does not appeal against the Justice Vinodh Coomaraswamy's decisions."

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