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Singaporean Parent Complains To Masagos About Burning Smell in Punggol And Its Effects On Child's Health

Singaporean parent staying in Punggol complains of constant burning smell in the area and worries for the health of his children. He has written to Masagos Zulkifli in hopes that he will take action. Will he?

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Desperate S'pore Mother Makes Online Plea For Help After Two Sons Went Missing While Out With Grandmother

I never thought I would have to do this one day, but my world collapsed when I heard the 2 boys are missing. Please contact me immediately if anyone sees them. My elder son is last seen wearing a grey shirt with the skull head(as shown in the 2nd photo), while the younger one is wearing a dark blue/black shirt.

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More Concrete Measures Needed To Protect Vulnerable Singaporeans

It is troubling to read reports of how a couple had systematically abused and caused grievous hurt to 26-year-old Annie Ee Yu Lian for 8 months, which eventually led to her death. The media reports on this tragic case has not just been covered by the press here, but also in Malaysia. Eu had borderline intelligence and the couple knew about her condition.

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Angry Customer Complains About Ninja Van's Fake Delivery Failures When He Is Home The Whole Day

I rescheduled for a delivery by Ninja Van due to failure in first delivery? First off, in their first delivery, they did not show up at my home and neither did they call me. On the second delivery, same thing happened. No delivery man and no phone call. Went and check on their track my package service and found out delivery man report as failure of delivery? I was home the whole day! If you make a search about Ninja Van reviews, majority are complaints. Their standard of service is not acceptable in Singapore

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