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Singaporean Filmmaker Posted Open Letter To Ministers, Wants Them To Clarify Definition Of Falsehoods

Singaporean filmmaker Martyn See posted an open letter to ministers in asking them to clarify what are deemed falsehoods and what are not. Will the PAPigs address the issue so that Singaporeans can be better informed? If they ignore it, who can be certain that they will not use it arbitrarily?

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Ang Moh Who Attacked Security Guard Surrendered, Now Wants To Apologise & Redeem Himself

Ang moh who received overnight fame after punching a security guard has surrendered himself and now wants to apologise. His actions have caused the victim to suffer multiple injuries. The security firm is thinking of taking action against him but police are still investigating.

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Go-Jek Driver Apologised For Rude Behaviour Towards Elderly Couple, Begged For 2nd Chance

Go-Jek driver apologised for being rude to an elderly couple because of a fare discrepancy. He asked for people to give him a second chance as he was fed up then and is otherwise nice to old people. Will you believe him?

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Woman Wants People With American Accent To Read To Her Child, Blames Internet For Disclosing Details After Getting Flamed

Woman posted up a flyer looking for people with "standard American English" accent to read stories to her child. She got flamed for her preference, could not take it, then blamed the Internet for disclosing her details from the flyer. What do you think?

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Malaysian Death Row Inmate Executed In Singapore Today, When Will People Realise The Unfairness Of The Death Penalty?

Malaysian death row inmate Michael anak Garing was executed at Changi Prison today despite pleas from the family and Amnesty International to do away with the death penalty. Is Singapore a regressed country or should it start to consider treating people's lives equally?

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Makansutra Founder Kf Seetoh Warns Dulwich College Singapore Not To Copy His Branding

Makansutra founder was shocked to find a cafe with the same name in Dulwich College Singapore. He disapproved of them for using his branding and advised the college to change its name before he gets his lawyers working. Is this the kind of culture our schools are promoting now? Is that why every school is a 'good' school?

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Singaporean Parent Complains To Masagos About Burning Smell in Punggol And Its Effects On Child's Health

Singaporean parent staying in Punggol complains of constant burning smell in the area and worries for the health of his children. He has written to Masagos Zulkifli in hopes that he will take action. Will he?

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