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S'porean Woman Unhappy With SQ For Denying To Cater To Son's Food Allergy

A Singaporean woman who was on a Singapore Airlines Business Class flight was unhappy at the airlines for failing to cater to her son's food allergy. She had presented proof of her son's condition but was denied a customised in-flight meal. One of the staff on board had to bring her husband down the plane so that he can get a takeaway meal. How pathetic!

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Lee Hsien Yang: AG Filed More Than 500 Pages Of Complaint Against My Wife!

Lee Hsien Yang posted that the AG has filed more than 500 pages worth of complaints against his wife, Lee Suet Fern. He said that LHL never voiced any issues with LKY's will when their father was alive. He was also bitter that his brother is unleashing so many complaints now even though he never bothered to discuss things with him and his sister, Lee Wei Ling. Lee Suet Fern has filed her Defence. How do you think this drama will unfold and how much public resources do you think will be wasted?

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Former Religious Teacher Jailed For Molesting Woman While Trying To Cure Her From Black Magic

A former religious teacher has been jailed for molesting a woman who attended his classes. He claimed that she was under black magic and molested her while trying to cure her. The man has been stripped off the ARS and will not be allowed to conduct any more classes in Singapore.

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Bangladeshi Worker Cheated By Employer, Posted Heartfelt Video To Thank S'poreans For Helping To Crowdfund For His Debts

Bangladeshi worker Rajib borrowed $8000 to come to Singapore in hopes of finding a job to feed his family. However, his dream was crushed when he realized that his employer had cheated him. Things got worse when he was slapped with a police report for something he did not commit. Thankfully, Singaporeans have started a crowdfunding campaign for him and he will soon be settling his debts. He thanked Singaporeans for their kind gesture in a heartfelt video.

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Dr Tan Cheng Bock Reveals Approved Logo For Progress Singapore Party, Promised To Serve Singaporeans

Dr Tan Cheng Bock's Progress Singapore Party has had its logo approved. It is in the shape of a palm tree with a person-like figure which signifies people at its core interest. The logo on the whole symbolizes growth, purpose, strength and life. With Dr Tan leading a new party, Singaporeans can have renewed hope that they will enact the changes that we have all wanted to see.

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SDP Regrets Appeal Court's Decision, Urged S'poreans To Support Them To Better Safeguard Their Interests

The Singapore Democratic Party regrets the Court of Appeal's decision, which dismissed Dr Wong Souk Yee's appeal and thereby showed that there is no need for a by-election when former PAP MP Halimah Yacob vacated her seat for the Presidency. The party urged Singaporeans to support it so that it can come up with better solutions and safeguard everyone's interests.

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Man Caught On Video Disrupting Coffeeshop Worker's Dinner And Scolding Him For Being Low Class

Man caught on video scolding PRC coffeeshop worker for being low class. It was unsure what triggered him but he left after letting his steam off. There was no physical fight nor did the worker retaliate. Why so fierce? Does he think he is very high class such that he can anyhow scold people?

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Netizen Starts Petition Against Fake News Law In Singapore, Said It Stifles Freedom Of Speech

A netizen has started another petition against the fake news law in Singapore as it stifles freedom of expression in the country. Even if it is unfair, will starting a petition change things? Will people listen? What do you think?

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Netizen Slammed Commuters For Not Helping Woman Trapped In Platform Gap, Said SMRT Staff Not Well-Trained Enough

A woman had her leg stuck in the platform gap at Buona Vista MRT station this morning. Although she escaped mostly unharmed, an observer noticed that many Singaporeans were selfish and did not try to help. While the SMRT staff tried their best, they did not look like they were first-aid trained too. In times of emergency, do you think we will be able to depend on people for help?

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Singaporean Filmmaker Posted Open Letter To Ministers, Wants Them To Clarify Definition Of Falsehoods

Singaporean filmmaker Martyn See posted an open letter to ministers in asking them to clarify what are deemed falsehoods and what are not. Will the PAPigs address the issue so that Singaporeans can be better informed? If they ignore it, who can be certain that they will not use it arbitrarily?

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