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Here is what I learned going to this years Pink Dot (my first) as a straight, Christian-raised, middle aged father.

- it's less about LGBT. it's more about liberty.

- the vibe was overwhelmingly positive, patient, welcoming and helpful

- it's long overdue. These people are patient. They're not going away or going to be "cured" as some seem to laughably hope

- these are real, patriotic, proud Singaporeans who want to make Singapore better

- Perhaps the authorities did Pink Dot a favor by restricting foreigners? 100% authentic!

- there are no weird people. It's just your own prejudice


- it was cool and fun.

- while I was happy to be there, I was (unexpectedly) proud to be there as well

- in absence of an unnatural "crackdown" this event will rapidly grow

- there is zero reason for a crackdown, unless you judge you are somehow more privileged than your fellow citizen

- the Pink dollar is powerful and well networked. Businesses are learning it

- the government would be naive to not evolve. There is plenty of room to bring this "fringe" into where it 100% belongs- just another integral part of Singapore's multi-cultural society

- it was completely non-threatening. Rather it felt magically cohesive

- living in fear sucks and contributing to others living in fear is unacceptable regardless of your feigned ignorance.

- Dang! People were happy. It was undoubtedly the happiest place in Singapore last night

- the good vibe was not from entertainment or alcohol. It was from their society with each other.

- I'm not religious. But I was thoroughly raised with Christianity. The New Testament was a (then) modernist revision of the draconian Old Testament. If a true savior was around today, he would be with the spirit of the Pink Dot, instead of condemning it

I'm not gay. I'm not an activist. I have no (pro or anti) LGBT agenda. I just figure the world has enough real problems. Pink Dot and what it represents ain't one of them.

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