I refer to the MediShield Life stories – Mr Chua Whatt Chye video that has been showing on TV.

It says that “My speech is slurred because I almost had a stroke earlier this year.

I earn about $1,400. Its just enough to get by.

A few years ago, Weikang was admitted to the hospital several times.

One of the bills went as high as $12,000.

But thanks to government subsidies, it was reduced to $2,500.

Still, because his cerebral palsy was excluded from coverage – I had to pay cash and my own Medisave.”

Comment: Given his situation, MediFund may also have helped to pay for the cash portion of the bills if he was unable to pay.

“I’m not young anymore.

When I’m gone, I wonder what will  happen to my Weikang?

With the new MediShield Life – Weikang’s condition is now covered if he is hospitalized.

At least now I know there will be help.

I was told that together with government subsidies, his bill will be smaller.

Good, now I feel more assured.

I hope Weikang can lead a carefree life.”

Comment: If Mr Chua dies – since Weikang is the sole survivor of the family with no other family members – his hospitalisation bills will be covered by MediShield Life, the deductible and co-insurance may also be covered by MediFund and his MediShield Life premiums will also be waived.

A big thank you to the new MediShield Life


Leong Sze Hian

A.S.S. Contributor

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