Unsolved Major Crimes in Singapore

There are numerous number of crimes happening all around the world. However, not all were solved. I did some research and follow up on some of the tragic incidents that happened years back in Singapore. Here are some cases that remaains unsolved or bodies that were never found ever since the time of incident.

27 August 1963: Sunny Ang was tried, convicted and hanged on circumstantial evidence for the murder of bar maid Jenny Cheok Cheng Kid, although her body was never found.

18 September 1972: A 22-year-old seamstress Cheng Lizhen was walking with her sister along Tanglin Halt when she was hit by a bullet straight at her heart. She died from the fatal wound at the Singapore General Hospital. The police suspected a sniper was hiding in one of the high-rise buildings but the case remains a mystery till today.


6 January 1979: Four children (aged five, six, eight and ten) of the Tan family in the Geylang Bahru district are discovered murdered in their flat. The case remains unsolved.

24 May 1985: A schoolgirl, Winnifred Teo Suan Lie, from CJC went jogging, she never returned alive. Her naked body was found bound and stabbed and was sexually assualted. Her killers were never caught.

14 May 1987: Two primary school boys, Keh Chin Ann and Toh Hong Huat, both aged 12 years old then, had gone missing. Despite the extended search to Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, they are stil nowhere to be found until today.

15 October 1994: Top nightclub mamasan Mona Koh was left paralysed after being ambushed by an unknown hitmanat the ground floor lift lobby of Katong People's Complex. She was hit by 2 bullets in the face and spine. The hitman was never caught.

13 February 2000: A 27-year-old female jogger was raped and murdered at Bukit Batok Reserve Park. The case remains unsolved and the killer is at large.

There are still missing citizens in Singapore and their families are still searching til today. With the hope that these missing people can be found. It saddens me when I read their family members or friends pleas. Either they are being kidnapped, murdered or they flee willingly, no one knows.


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