THE phrase "until such time when we become a smoke-free society" ("Smoking laws: NEA replies"; Monday) suggests that we should all work towards the goal of becoming a health-conscious nation.

If a healthy society is what we truly aim for, then we could start by having a licence for smokers.

An amount of $500 a year could be added to a smoker's income tax if he is working.


If he does not pay income tax, have a family member pay for him; or he can buy a monthly licence at the post office or other outlets.

Smokers caught without a licence should be fined $20, payable at any ATM.

The funds generated from the licences can go towards patients who have to bear the costly burden of illness as a result of inhaling second-hand smoke in public.

An amount could also go towards cancer research.

This will not be a popular move but is an issue worth considering.

Vivien Tan (Mrs)


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Talk cock. The money still

Talk cock. The money still got to lee hsien loong.. step one help the public with illness. Disgrace _|_

Ahh.. social media.. giving a

Ahh.. social media.. giving a platform to the voiceless and the mentally stinted..

Might as well ban importing

Might as well ban importing of all cigarettes in singapore! And don't sell it at all in singapore! Why should smoker get a license? Don't sell it better and who manage to get cigarette will get fine!

Bullshit. Govt will nv ban

Bullshit. Govt will nv ban import, simply because the amount earned from taxes is too damn high.

I am a Smoker, yes. To cut

I am a Smoker, yes. To cut short, i feel that, Vivien Tan(Mrs) MUST BE GET OUT OF SINGAPORE and my suggestion is very much more worth being put into consideration as i dont see any needs for you to teach the goverment of how to get more fine from citizens. They are doing well.

Lame la. If need to buy

Lame la. If need to buy license to smoke then i am allow to smoke in the shopping mall?


Please ignore Vivien Tan, she is my ex gf who is mentally unstable because I used to smoke more than I give her s*x.

True facts.

Please, the Government is already making lots of money by making taxes on everything we do. If smoking really requires a license, many will totally ignore it. A pack of cig without tax only costs $3.10++. Now it's already $10++. In the future? $20++ think of it. This is a country where whatever you do, you have to pay a price.

Oh yes, having too much S*X

Oh yes, having too much S*X is also bad for health. Suggest we impose taxes for occurrences if you have it more than once per week, or buy an annual pass of $2000/yr.

Then we should tax people for

Then we should tax people for posting ideas that have political/policy influences because this will prevent people for making dumb remarks. This will also act as a deterrent/barrier to help sieve out dumb ideas and only ppl that have something proper to say, will voice.
Given her contect, we should probably impose a fee for:
ppl who speak loudly,
ppl who "reserve" seats with tissue paper,
ppl who squeeze onto public mrt,
ppl who accidentally step on others feet,
ladies who are fat and wear shorts,
neighbours that does construction works and cause my car to be dirty
ppl who are drunk
birds that shit on cars.

So much revenue opportunities.



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