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In a latest Graciousness Survey conducted by the Singapore Kindness Movement recently, it was found that Singaporeans scored lower for their behaviour in keeping eating places and toilets clean. This is despite the numerous public campaigns and facilities like tray return counter being made readily available.

Findings released yesterday showed that people rated Singapore 5.52 for “cleaning up after meals in public spaces” and 5.88 for “keeping public toilets clean and dry after use”, down from 5.83 and 6.17, respectively, last year. This is based on a scale of zero to 10, with zero representing “very poor” and 10 representing “excellent”. The experts found the result surprising, given the effort put in by NEA and the Public Hygiene Council.

A reason given for this kind of behaviour given was that Singaporeans are so used to people cleaning up after them that they don’t take it upon themselves to do so. Some even pointed out that Singaporeans have a sense of self-entitlement and it is getting worse. There are parents who tell their kids to let the maids or cleaners do the cleaning

KJ Roh Anne

A.S.S. Contribitor

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