Our reader related to us how he spent his day off shopping and looking around the neighborhood, where he discovered that Singaporeans really do love their SG50 celebrations. Warning - SG50 LOLs ahead.
I went into my local Giant supermarket today, expecting to pick up a carton of drinks for the family and some snacks. As my eyes scanned through the chocolate section, I saw this:
At first I thought, "Okay, it's SG50..." So I got my favorite brand of chocolates and went to the drink section, where I saw this:
And this:
I was like, "Wow. Isn't that a bit much?" So I thought maybe I'd get some hot beverages instead and then I saw this:
I was getting irritated, but I just brushed it all off as part of the SG50 celebrations. I came out of the supermarket and headed to Popular to get some stationary... and saw this:
It didn't stop there. There were even pencil cases like this:
And then there were Tamiya cars like this:
I thought I was going insane after seeing all those SG50 logos around me. So I decided to sit down for a while at McDonalds and then I saw this at the counter:
I had had enough of all this SG50 nonsense, so I took the MRT home where I saw this:
Wow guys, seriously, isn't this too much?

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