My mum was the passenger in white in the video and my girl in the school uniform was also with her.

She was deeply traumatised by the commotion caused by the writer and the PMS auntie in the bus.

According to my mum, the driver was not speeding and the road was bumpy due to the construction of the Thomson MRT line. U can see the driver wearing safety gloves to stabilise the steering wheel of the bus.

Throughout the journey the PMS auntie was hurling abuses at the bus driver and the writer stood beside the bus driver and took pictures of his face. The writer held his phone close to the driver's face and shoot his face!


In a moment of anger, the bus driver stopped the bus and snatched the phone from this writer, Edmund Tan.

To Edmund Tan and the PMS auntie, do u know your actions are endangering the life of the passenger and also frighten the young kids???

If you have any concerns about safety, u can tell the driver when he stop at a bus stop and not hurling abuses at him, holding the phone close at his face while he was navigating the bumpy road!!!!!!

I was so furious when I heard of it!! Do both of you know what is called basic manner and respect???

Stop acting like bus bullies!!! He is really v patient by not muttering a word and if I am him, I will just stop the bus and ask both of u to get out!!!!!!

If SBS need any eye witnesses of this incident, I will get my mum to be one.

Chia Chia

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