A netizen has posted a complaint against a pre-school in Yishun Community Center which has allegedly been delaying a refund of about 1 month's worth of school fees.

The parents, who claim they have already been waiting for 2 months for the refund, were even more enraged when the school staff started behaving rudely towards them when they asked to take their child out of the school.

The netizen claims that she will not hesitate to contact Chinese reporters and take to social media to demand for her hard earned money back from the center.

She wrote: "Last week they were in headline news for their anchovale branch (29/9/17) and recently on ASS for another branch also in yishun, So now i hope this branch which is e mega branch also in yishun to be out in e news. if i dont get back my child deposit i will call media down to the cc and make a fuss. Collect fees from parents they are so clever but when it come to refund the hq point to cc, cc point to hq? So i don't care Yishun mega skool4kidz, you don't return by this week date line 9/10/2017, you will be sure to be on more headline news..."

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