SINGAPORE: Healthcare affordability for the pioneer generation was the top concern at a dialogue session on seniors' needs.

The newly formed People's Action Party (PAP) committee focusing on issues impacting the elderly held its first dialogue session on Tuesday evening.

Facilitating the discussion, Social and Family Development Minister Chan Chun Sing said "quite a lot" of the input at the dialogue will go into shaping the government's Pioneer Generation Package.

Some 120 participants, comprising seniors from various PAP branches as well as representatives from voluntary welfare organisations, took part in the dialogue session.


They discussed the key criteria that the Pioneer Generation Package should have, as well as the principles that should shape the package.

Halimah Yacob, chairman of PAP.SG, said: "There are also groups that talk about the age group - you can define it (criterion) by age. And then there's a group that says it's not just defined by age, but by age, and residency and contribution."

Mr Chan added: "One of the groups talks about the pioneers wanting a sense of dignity and pride, and to see how we can use their talent and use their experience to contribute to the community."

Participants also suggested a panel be set up to look into deserving borderline cases needing help or wanting to benefit from the package. They also felt that a baseline for support should be established across the board, with more help given to low-income seniors.

Other than healthcare, issues of transport, environment and housing were also discussed.

Details of how the Pioneer Generation Package will be defined will be shared on Budget Day next month.

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