PAP 4G Leaders Have Lost The Trust Of Singaporeans By Pathetic Handling Of COVID19

Lee Hsien Loong must be living in dreamland when he said that the PAP 4G leaders have gained the trust of Singaporeans from the Covid-19 crisis.


2 months into the crisis, the number of confirmed cases have risen sharply and so have the number of unlinked cases. Singaporeans are angry with half-hearted measures like closing tuition centers but not schools and having home-based learning for one day in a week. How pathetic can these so called 4G PAP Leaders be. The truth of the matter is that common-sense has deserted them. The Incompetence is not something which can be masked by laudatory articles of dubious quality.

70 new cases today with 29 local cases and 14 unlinked one, and they are suggesting that they have gained the trust of Singaporeans????

No wonder they can even contemplate calling elections now, because they are delusional but self-serving!

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