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So this fine specimen is my next door neighbour, his issue was that we "slammed the door" late at night around 11 ish.

My door is heavy and will close on its own, sometimes we forget and the door "slams". Anyway it was my fault and i apologise right away.


My issues is how he dealt with the situation, he chose to come out of his house and yell "Coward, coward come out now". Like wtf ?!

He said i shouldn't be smoking outside my house and that he wanted to make a report, he said that while smoking a cigarette himself. He smokes outside also, but his wife explained that he dose not do it everyday and that i do. So now we are talking about the frequency of smoking or the act itself?

They then bring up the fact that they have kids and i should move away when they come in or go out of the house. Which i wouldn't mind if only he had told me.

This neighbour has been pissing me off for awhile, he is super niao about everything, he made noise about my brother parking his bicycle because people might do renovation on the pipes, even thought we have always parked his bike there for years even before that guy moved in.

Also i usually smoke with the ash tray out, there was one small piece of ash that drop on the floor i tried to kick it away and it made a small black line.My next door neighbour chose to take an issue with that as well. Even though his plants "stain" the floor turning it yellow , i just don't make noise about it because it is just the floor outside my house.

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