New citizen: Don’t disturb Indonesia lah!

Dear PM Lee and paper general Chan,
I am a new citizen.

Recently, I got a bit worried you making all this noise about Indonesia. Can you don’t rock the boat?

I convert to citizen because Singapore is good place to make money. And raise my children. Education, housing and healthcare got discount mah. This Konfrontasi thing happen so long ago!! Who cares?? Hay … the Japanese tortured and killed Singaporeans (and Chinese in China) during WW2, and recently this PM Abe visited Yasukuni shrine .. isn’t that more serious? How come you never protest? Or cancel meetings with Japan?


Times have changed already lah. Today, >40% of Singaporeans are new citizens. We don’t care about Konfrontasi. If Indonesia disturb Singapore like during Konfrontasi period in the future, you can ask China to help. Just like during the Admiral Cheng Ho period – Malaysia also ask China to protect when Thai disturb them, what. So no need to worry.

In another 10-20 years time, new citizens will be >50% of Singapore. So its more important you side India and China all the time, no need to worry about Indonesia.

If you disturb Indonesia, I worry they give us the haze problem again. Wait my children’s health suffer, er. Then who will Vivian call? I think Vivian will say, Chan CS, since you so clever, you deliver the letter lah! And my company got business with Indonesia one, I do not want any disturbance.

Everyone is here to make money. I think you just keh kek a bit, pretend to be upset, then tell the Straits Times to stop all coverage of this matter. And friend friend again. Then everything will be all right.

Let’s keep the bigger GDP picture in mind. Don’t worry – you take care of our economy, we new citizens will sure vote for you one!

New Citizen


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