Incessant Drilling Of Home Renovations Disturb Punggol Resident Who Have To Work From Home

Dear Editor,


I live in Punggol Drive Blk 666B and this loud drilling from the level above has occurred since days ago and starts at 9am, sometimes even ending at 8pm. I literally have to wake up to drilling everyday and it is annoying because I have to work from home.

I cannot even speak during online meetings because no one hears me.

The government wants us to stay at home as much as possible, but they still allow renovations to occur? I know this may seem like a small issue, but drilling for prolonged periods of time can really give the residents unnecessary stress, especially when the whole level can hear the drilling. (would have attached a video of the sound but can’t)

I hope the government will be able to come up with a better solution for those of us who have to work from home, that we can do so in peace.

Annoyed Person

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