GE2020: Heng Swee Keat Fumbles Embarrassingly During Nomination Day Speech

After being sent to East Coast GRC to go up against the WP's team consisting of promising candidate Nicole Seah, Fumbling Heng lived up to his name and fumbled embarrassingly during his Nomination Day speech. He was also abruptly cut off before he could end his speech properly.


What made it more awkward was that Jessica Tan, who was standing behind him, had her mask upside down with an inverted PAP logo. Is this a signal of Heng's fate? Looks like God of Fortune is not off to a good start.

Heng was heard saying "For our East Coast residents, we also have a plan for the East Coast. We have a East Coast, Singapore, we have a together and East Coast plan. We care at East Coast."

After so much practice with public speaking, Fumbling Heng still cannot get his act together? Like this want to be PM?

Maybe this is all part of Pinky's plan to pave an exit for Fumbling Heng so that he will be out forever (doing a George Yeo ehem).

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