Facebook Staff Risked Job To Reinstate Critical Spectator Page After Polish National "Pulled Strings"

During the election period Facebook announced the deactivation of several pages and accounts, and pro-PAP Facebook page Critical Spectator was one of those deactivated on 8 July 2020. However in a twist of events, Critical Spectator managed to get itself reinstated in late July.


Critical Spectator's page owner, Polish national Michael Petraeus, explained that he "had to pull all the strings that I could, push Facebook's support and get the case higher up, while trying to find friends with contacts in the company, who could get me more information." Michael Petraeus eventually found out that his page was removed because he had used multiple Facebook profiles in violation of Facebook rules for inauthentic behaviour.

Michael Petraeus was eventually helped by an unnamed Facebook staff to put his name on the line to help reinstate the Critical Spectator page. 

Michael Petraeus could get his page back based on the condition that he will delete his other Facebook accounts. Despite having his Facebook page reinstated, the Polish national defiantly claimed it was normal for people to use multiple Facebook accounts by writing how “Most of the people I know have anything between two to five different accounts".

It is disturbing that a foreigner is able to pull strings that influenced a Facebook staff in Singapore to risk his job for the sake of getting this pro-PAP Facebook page back online.

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