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My daughter and some school friends went to Siloso Beach on Sentosa over the Chinese New Year Weekend. When they got there, they spread out their towels in anticipation of a relaxing day by the sea. There were other bathers parked on the beach besides them -- all in their swimsuits.

Some minutes later, several groups of what appeared to be workers arrived on the beach (refer to picture above). The kids were shocked when, without invitation, the large group of men surrounded them just feet away and began to take out their hand phones to snap pictures. One of the girls angrily told them to stop taking pictures, but she was ignored. Some even moved closer. An alert lifeguard -- to his credit -- noticed what was happening. He approached the girls and asked if they were uncomfortable with the situation. When they voiced their upset, he hoisted a megaphone and told the men to move away and to cease taking pictures. He was ignored. He warned them he'd call the police. Eventually that's exactly what he did.

Four uniformed police soon arrived and ordered the groups to keep their distance from the kids and to stop taking pictures. I understand that the cops even took the hand phones off some of the men and deleted shots they had already taken. As a mother, I am deeply shocked at this incident. It's a free country but the harassment scares me. And acting as a pack to bully vulnerable teenagers - disgraceful. But it also brings to my mind the issue of creating/increasing or improving the places of rest where workers can go on their day off. They are entitled to it.

But NOT at the expense of embarrassing 16 and 17 year old girls clad vulnerably in their swimsuits who felt threatened. The girls were traumatized by the blatant gawking. Bouquets to the lifeguard and our Singapore boys in blue for doing their job. We don't always notice or appreciate the situations they face every day, and the challenges they must deal with to keep the peace. They deserve our highest praise.

Concerned A.S.S reader and mother

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Its about time the cops do

Its about time the cops do something to these foreign potential molesters and rapists. These people should be put away and banned from beaches and they should be confined period. They should stay within their foreign workers zone, if they sneak outside shoot to kill!

These large bunch of indian

These large bunch of indian workers should be barred from going into sentosa.

stop these limited,

stop these limited, generalizing, racist comments!!

Fuck you!

Fuck you!

I strongly agree to confining

I strongly agree to confining Indian FTs to designated areas. They come from a society where harassing women is normal, and molest, rape are rampant, with the law there turning a blind eye most of the time. They are just practicing their own culture here. Me being an Indian, my wife and other female folks have been harassed numerous times by Indian FTs, stalked all the way home etc. I'm sick of it. This group of people have already proven that they can't behave themselves in our country. And their numbers are growing. With their increasing numbers, they also become increasingly daring. Why must the Singaporeans take the brunt of it while the top people enjoy the profits from cheap labor?

So many narrow minded people

So many narrow minded people out there....oh Singapore..

Sadden with the happening.

Sadden with the happening.
What a disgusting behavior and should not be tolerated at all cost. News from India continent, rape cases reported widely there. Puzzles, what are all the majority males there, made up of????
Was it the Indian cultures itself or the upbringing of one individual. With Indian huge population, it's multiplying by million. Bad unbringing male people there. And bad habits are hard to die.
Here, they come as a labourer and earning small income. Certainly, they could not afford to a brothels visit. This will sparks, the beginning of poor behavior at public places. Just like as the reported incident @ Sentosa.
It was actually an act of harassment and disturbing members of the public peace.
The two girls should have formally file a police report. What I can see, there's a case to be file with the police department. Just wish that the police officers attended to the case, acted swiftly. It's legal for them to take action against the Indian group. Thus, it will deliver a strong signal to the doers and the rest. And at the same time, with the action too, I believes it will help the girls feel safer and we'll protected.



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