Cyclist Avoids Humiliation By Blaming Fall on Taxi, Bike Clearly Stuck In Drain


A cyclist, in his bid to avoid getting humiliated after falling off his bike, was seen on video blaming a taxi driver who was near his vicinity of the fall instead. In the video, the cyclist fell down hard onto the pavement, but it was clearly seen that his front wheel got caught on a drain cover by the road.

However, the video also showed that the cyclist started blaming a taxi driver who was quite near to where he fell, with the cyclist accusing the driver of coming too close to him, and pushing him over. The accident happened on March 18, along St Andrrew's Road. The cyclist who was wearing blue was seen cycling on the road, with a yellow taxi just behind him. The cyclist had actually overtaken the taxi as it came to a halt at a traffic junction. Without the taxi actually moving, the cyclist was seen wobbling, and fell off his bike.

The cyclist obviously did not sustain any injuries as he got up and tried to blame the driver. But as everyone else had seen from the video, the cyclist clearly fell of his own accord, as he had overtaken a stationary taxi, and the taxi was not even moving between the time he overtook it and fell.

Learning from the best. If something unfortunate happens, always blame it on someone else. It was never your fault.

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